StarGas: it’s Simple, it’s Safe, it’s Measurable!

StarGas is here!


  The long awaited StarGas cylinders are   already available in the Cameroonian           market. The cylinder is accompanied by a   regulator with a pressure gauge that will be   the pride of households. At an affordable   price, you have the complete package which includes: The StarGas cylinder with a capacity of 12.5 Kg, gas and a pressure regulator.

You will not be surprised by your gas anymore for the StarGas regulator permits you to check your gas consumption at any moment.

        IMG 1397      IMG 1379

      It's Simple, It's Safe, It's Mesurable, It's StarGas !

Visit of the StarGas S.A. Cameroun filling plant by MINEE.


In order to obtain an agreement of transition to PCCC-SONARA and SCDP, a delegation from the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy of Cameroon "MINEE" descended on the filling plant of StarGas S.A. Cameroun located in the industrial area of MAGZI Mvan, Yaoundé this Monday, June 15, 2015.