StarGas: it’s Simple, it’s Safe, it’s Measurable!


StarGas Bottles

StarGas LP Gas cylinders defy the technology of gas cylinders in Cameroon. They are conformed with the Cameroonian Norm: NC 02 : 2000-08, REV.1 (2011). The cylinders are unique in colour and exquisite in design.

StarGas bottles are equipped with an anti-siphoning valve which prevents the illegal extraction of LP Gas from one bottle to another and a pressure release valve which controls the pressure in the bottle and permits excess pressure to flow out through an auxiliary passage, preventing the bottle from explosion.

Our unique safety seal guarantees the quantity of gas filled in our filling plant.

Your home is secured with the StarGas bottle.


StarGas Regulators

The StarGas regulator permits the stabilisation of pressure in a bottle before use. It controls the flow of gas in the StarGas bottle.

The quick-on regulator works in a simple motion. It is setup in a quick and easy movement. With a simple click, your gas regulator is put in place.

The StarGas logo is engraved on the regulator as a sign of authenticity. 

We provide 5 years guarantee on our regulators.